David Revill
David Revill is a composer, producer and Avid Certified Instructor
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Education & Training

As a guest lecturer, David Revill can present talks and workshops on composition, music analysis, the sociology of music and multi- and intermedia art. He also speaks on the sociology of technology and on online privacy and the social and political ramifications of an online world where tracking, aggregation and data retention are largely unchallenged and for the most part unchecked.

As well as these topics, he offers technical workshops on subjects including Max/MSP and interactive systems for live electronics, commercial surround sound production, Pro Tools and Avid’s S6 worksurface. His interest in the sociology of technology and online privacy also lead to practical workshops being available on the topic of what we can do, as individuals, companies or institutions, to resist the social and political damage being done when the commercial mainstream of the Web consists of what has been dubbed "people farmers".

David is an Avid Certified Instructor, offering bespoke Pro Tools and S6 training for individuals and companies, as well as courses in the Avid Training and Education Program, up to and including the 210M level.