David Revill
David Revill is a composer, producer and Avid Certified Instructor
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David Revill is an English composer and producer

Composer / producer David Revill presents guest lectures and, as an Avid Certified Instructor, Pro Tools training programmes. He also actively publishes on musical analysis, multimedia and intermedia - he wrote the authorised biography of John Cage.

David Revill has worked on compositional projects throughout Europe and North America, and has held compositional residencies in Austria, France, Germany and the United States. He is in frequent demand as a guest speaker, both for guest lectures and workshops, on composition, technology and the sociology and philosophy of music and multimedia.

Revill wrote the authorised biography of John Cage, The Roaring Silence, and has contributed to many other publications.

Besides his work as composer and musicologist, Revill has a parallel career in audio production - editing and mixing especially, with a particular emphasis on surround sound production. David Revill is an Avid Certified Instructor / Digidesign Certified Instructor for Pro Tools, guest lecturer of Pro Tools training and education programs worldwide for individuals, companies, colleges and universities.

Performances include first performances of work by numerous composers, including the world premiere of Cage’s Muoyce 2, as well as rock performance (including a major tour in 2000-1).